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The Center of Advanced Systems and Technologies (CAST) under management of Doctor Aghil Yousefi-koma with the aim of developing the relationship between industry and university and using of academic competences in order to fix the problems and challenges of the industry and improving the system was set up in order to gain more market.

The center collects a set of technical and human resources, trying to achieve knowledge, new technologies and innovative methods and to collaborating with leading centers in the world. Enhance the ability of scientific, technical and management has focused on the other hand. The center’s report during its activities up to now, evidence of this claim. The movement is hoped to promote Iran’s admission, however small, is provided.


Iranian humanoid robot (SURENA III) at Automatica 2016, Munchen Read More

17 June 2016


Deadlines of The 4th International Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (ICROM) has been extended. ICROM

11 June 2016


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Energy Portfolio

In 2008, CAST established Oil, Gas and Green Energy (OGGE) portfolio considering elite talents in academia and many cooperation potentials in the mentioned industries. In less than one year, we have accomplished our first industrial project in gas pipeline industry. Numerous opportunities in maintenance activities in oil and gas industry besides former successful cooperation experience led to define and implement many projects .
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Robotic Portfolio

The portfolio “Robotics, Intelligence and bio-inspired systems” is the first portfolio of Center of Advanced System & Technologies (CAST) established in 2007. Its mission is focused on presentation and marketing of novel solutions on design and implementation of Complex systems to broaden the border of feasibility. Control, mechatronics and machine intelligence founded the scope of this organization.

Structural Analysis Portfolio

Experimental modal analysis is a vibrational testing technique for determining the natural frequencies, mode shapes, and damping ratios of a structure. Experimental modal analysis provides structural dynamics information for finite element model validation (correlation) and refinement, failure investigation, vibration troubleshooting and diagnostics, and quality assurance. CAST (Vibration group) has tasted steam turbines, gas turbines, pumps, blower, compressors, foundations, buildings, optics, piping, and many more structures.