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Modeling, Analysis and Simulation

  • Stress calculation
  • Design optimization
  • Fatigue investigation
  • Fluid-Solid interaction (FSI)
  • Traning – mentoring and consultant services
  • Meshing and Finite Element Modeling

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and life extension

  • In-Situ test
  • SHM by piezoelectric transducers’
  • Resonant acoustic method
  • online structural condition monitoring
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Non-Destrucive Evaluation (NDE)

  • Ultrasonic flaw detection with Phased Array
  • X-Ray flaw detection
  • Thermography analysis

Vibration and Modal Tests

  • Non-Contact measurement
  • Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA)
  • Operational Modal Analysis (OMA)
  • Operational Deflection Shapes (ODS)
  • System Identifcation
  • 3D Modal analysis and Modal validation
  • Adaptive Finite Elemetn Models by Model Updating
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Certifaction Tests

  • Modal Analysis
  • Classical Shock Testing
  • Model Indicator Function (MIF)
  • Modal Assurance Criterion (MAC)
  • Foreign Object Damage Investigation
  • High Cycle Fatigue Tests (HCF)
  • Low Cycle Fatigue Tests (LCF)
  • Gas Turbine Engine Blades Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA)

Rotating Machinery Analysis

  • Orbit Analysis
  • Stability Analysis
  • Bearing Dynamic
  • Unbalance Response
  • Rotor Dynamic Modeling: Analytical / Numerical
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Construction Analysis

  • Vibration Measurement of Ground and Buildings based on ISO, DIN, ASTM Standards
  • Vibration Measurements of Roads and Railroads
  • Vibration Measurement of Jet Engines
  • Dynamic Parameter Extraction of Structures
  • Modal Analysis of Bridges and Railroads
  • Strain-Based Measurements

Manufacturing and Fabrication

  • Medical Devices, Part Fabrication from Small to Large Quantities
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • 3D Printing
  • 3 and 5 axis CNC Machining
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