Saied Shakiba

Head of Smart Systems and Robotic Portfolio

Robotic Portfolio

The portfolio of Robotics, Intelligence and Bio-inspired Systems was the first ground for the projects of Center of Advanced Systems and Technologies (CAST) from the first days of establishment and was the most active part of this center.

The mission of this portfolio is to find state-of-the-art solutions and to study the feasibility of projects which are commonly challenging and propounded over international arena. This portfolio has the role to guide and control the projects related to different fields such as Mechatronics, Robotics and Intelligent Systems, with the inspiration of the nature. The product-based approach of the Center of Advanced Systems and Technologies in recent years resulted in design and fabrication of many kinds of sophisticated systems, test platforms and industrial automation subsystems.

The experience of more than 20 successful projects and presentation of more than 70 proposals enabled this center to be in charge of national-scale projects such as the SURENA Humanoid Robot. Of all projects executed by this portfolio, some can be mentioned as below:

  • Design and fabrication of national SURENA humanoid robot in 3 phases.
  • Design and fabrication of flapping wing robots
  • Design and fabrication of fish robots
  • Design and fabrication of a hybrid motorcycle
  • Feasibility study, design and use of smart materials as actuators in structures
  • Revelation of human intent in motion exercises based on EMG signals
  • Design and fabrication of robotic limbs based on SMA
  • Aerial imaging

This extensive range of objectives allows this center to cooperate with different employers from different industries.