The Center of Advanced Systems and Technologies (CAST) has been established    in 2008 by Prof. Aghil Yousefi-Koma, is an intellectual home for researchers. This center concentrated on design and fabrication of smart systems, testing, modelling and simulation to conduct PHD and graduate research projects and the implementation of research activities and research, in order to development.

The center, along with the development of the enterprise and its activities, The development of infrastructure and equipment as well as paid, So that the space 20 meters from the center at the start of work, during its short life have been developed to an area of over 700 square meters on two sites  of office – research and workshops.

The center in order to carry out projects that seek to take advantage of the maximum capacity available in the country and, if not possible, prepare the hardware knows. Implementation of joint projects with universities such as Science and Technology, Sharif, Khajeh Nasir and Semnan have happened in this regard. The center is also equipped workshop tools and equipments such as CNC machine in addition to the experts, it is possible to provide rapid implementation of ideas. On the other hand the innovative projects implemented to increase its presence in the field of identification, import and supply products that support the establishment of the Department of Commerce at the center also respond to the demand of times.

The use of the maximum available capacity in the country is not overlooked, and not to use the facilities and the creation of a network of fellow professors and consultant teams and universities such as Tehran, Sharif, Amir Kabir, Khajeh Nasir, Tarbiat Modares, Science and Technology and Shiraz are a collection of examples of successful interaction between universities.

On the other hand, the facility over the years, through its activities and providing industrial real working conditions in controlled environment within the university. Favorable environment for fostering student development and growth effectively in undergraduate and before entering the workplace is sent.

Admission successful results of the center’s members of the best universities in the world and repeated domestic industries and organizations to attract students (even before graduation) evidence on this point. It is hoped that in the not too distant future to see more scientific advances of the research center and the center will take an effective step toward improving Iran’s Islamic.